Our Trees

Fraser Fir

Fraser firs are one of the most popular Christmas trees to choose from. The needles are dark green, flat shaped, and strong. Once cut, they retain the soft texture of needles and maintain great needle retention throughout the holiday season.

Douglas Fir

These trees have longer, more bushy needles as compared to the Fraser fir trees. While they have great needle retention, their branches are not as strong.

Concolor Fir

Known for its nice shape and marvelous aroma (citrus-scent), the Concolor fir has blue-green needles and good needle retention.

Blue Spruce

The trees are great for those who desire a Christmas tree with noticeable blue-gray needles. The stiff branches will support many heavy decorations.

Shaped with Care

During the summer months, you may see us out in the tree farm hand shearing each tree to ensure it is ready to be cut for Christmas. We do not use fertilizers or pesticides on our tree farm, only natural methods of clearing weeds and grass to promote maximum tree health and growth. Be assured that your chosen Christmas tree is grown from a natural environment.

We are proud 2021 Trees for Troops Donors